Five Yin Color Meditation


The aim of this meditation is to cleanse and energize the five major Yin organs of the body and, by association, their five Yang counterparts. The meditation is built around the correspondence of the Five Element sequence and recognizes that each of the Zangfu systems has its own energetic frequency, which can be energized by visualizing the appropriate color.

For this meditation adopt a sitting posture – either upright on the edge of a straight seat or setting cross-legged in the classic meditation posture – whichever you feel most comfortable with. Hold your hands in your lap facing upward, with the back of the right hand resting lightly in the palm of the left hand.

Begin by allowing your mind to focus on the lower Dan Tien area and coordinate your in-breath and out-breath.  Once you feel quite calm and centered, begin the meditation, begin the meditation on the uppermost Zang organs, the Lungs.

Imagine a bright white light entering the lungs on each in-breath. The light is so intense that it cleanses every part of the lungs, promoting the full function of the lung system. It also floods the Large Intestine, the paired Fu organ of the Lungs. Hold the image of the white light flooding in, and on the out-breath imagine you are expelling a dull, stale light that takes with it all your negativity. It also takes any unresolved Grief (the emotion associated with the lungs), which may be blocking your lung function, and gently returns it to the universe. Maintain the image for about five minutes.

Continue in exactly the same way for the other four Zangfu systems. In each case, focus on the dominant color of that system and imagine it in the most powerful way that you can. On the out-breath visualize the dull, stale light taking all your negativity and the negative aspect of the characteristic emotion. Work through the Zangfu in the order below.

ORGAN                     COLOR                      EMOTION

Lungs                           White                         Grief

(large intestine)

Heart                             Red                             Joy

(small intestine)

Spleen                         Yellow                         Pensiveness


Liver                             Green                          Anger

(gall bladder)

Kidneys                      Deep Blue                   Fear


Once you have been through all five systems, allow your attention to return once again to your lower Dan Tien, and imagine all five colors coursing through your body, from the top of your head through the point that is most immediately “earthed” (which will depend on your posture). Slowly return to the outside world.

As in the literally hundreds of other forms of meditation, the object of the Five Yin Color meditation is to work toward a balance between the Qi, the mind, and the mind intent. In that equilibrium comes health.